Strategic Development and Production

of Multi-Media Campaigns 

Connecting Brands and Audiences

Strategic Delvelopment

• goals assessment
• audience analysis
• product or service discovery


We work with you to understand your long, mid-term and immediate goals. We'll know your product or service inside out and we'll develop a deep understanding of your audiences. In our strategic development, creativity and innovation meet emotional design.

Experiential Activation

• live event
• production management | technical direction | video production
• entertainment


Our projects are incredibly well pre-produced. When it's showtime, every technically challenging aspect of the production is transparent to you, the client...everything just works, perfectly. Everybody who's part of a We Are Experiential event is a seasoned pro. Everybody on the team is fully engaged and empowered, bringing you the only game we know, our A game.



Production Design

• environment
• content
• presentations


We create immersive environments, unifying theatrical, television and digital elements into cohesive, thrilling audience experiences.  Here, our strategic development comes to life.  Your message is woven into the fabric of the audience experience.


• managing director
• executive producer
• creative director


John Brimelow is responsible for strategic development. He directs our work with clients using all the tools of experiential marketing to effectively create and deliver sales, marketing, investor and employee relations messaging to these respective audiences.

John is a well-known figure in the Experiential Marketing industry with over 25 years of experience. He has a proven track record of long-term business relationships creating and producing momentous experiences for internal and external audiences.


BMW International Press Launch


The international press launch of the BMW Roadster was an expansive undertaking and an unqualified success. The event necessitated the re-designation of the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport from a national to an international airport. With the change of designation, our charters of international press landed minutes away from their destination. We created a Roadster museum experience and a separate presentation forum in which BMW's president, EVP of Design and Engineers gave the audience an in-depth look at the new car. The press experienced the museum, presentations and ride|drives in waves of 60 people over an eight week period.

Kraft Due Diligence Meeting and IPO Roadshow


Our production design transformed the auditorium on the 22nd and 23rd floors of the Solomon Smith Barney building in Lower Manhattan into a sleek, branded environment. From the moment you entered the space, you were in the world of Kraft. Executives received presentation and teleprompter coaching prior to their remarks. We managed and produced the subsequent international roadshow with the co-CEOs in every major city across the globe.

Coca-Cola Diversity | One World Many Voices


A project on a short fuse. We met with Coke on a Friday about a show they needed on the ground in 34 days. We developed the creative over a weekend, presented the package on Monday. Our vendor network dropped everything they were doing and jumped on board. Thirty four days later we presented Coca-Cola with their biggest, most successful employee event ever. What was for all practical purposes, a mini-Epcot center sat on the 27 acres that comprise two halls of Atlanta's World Congress Center. 144 performers supported by a crew of 600 engaged the audience of 6000 in intimate and bigger than life performances.

Susan G. Komen Documentary


Leadership at Susan G. Komen needed to communicate to a wide audience the results of a white paper they'd commissioned that confirmed parallels between rural and metropolitan constituents who eschewed regular mammograms. We traveled to rural Louisiana and Harlem NY and in an 18 minute short-form documentary brought the parallels described in the white paper to life.


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