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CocaCola Diversity Launch • One World, Many Voices

I created an event for Coca-Cola to illustrate diversity to 6000 members of their workforce. The project was situated in an open, 21-acre indoor space. Here, I created a…

An Emotional Audience

Our emotions drive everything we do. At a visceral level we're informed on how to respond to critical information we perceive. There's an art to harnessing and using emotion to…

Thought Leadership

Image building is as big a part of marketing as advertising. A CEO or other C-suite leader can become an icon for the company and the company's industry. We develop strategies…

Why Put Out Fires?

The goal is to produce projects that are carefully constructed, thoughtfully executed, where there are no fires to put out, where the project works and works beautifully.


My basketball coach always told us, it's game night every practice, you practice on game day.

Civic Duties

Giving back your experience and know-how to your community is a great experience. The wider that community, the better the experience. The Savannah Bridge Lighting project is a…

Automotive Shows Lead the Way to Better Experiential Events

Car shows are becoming an endangered species. It makes sense. Automotive companies understand the importance of creating singular events. Why participate in an event that…

Why are our clients so happy?

How to you ensure all the work you've put into the strategic development of a program manifests itself in a perfect outcome.

Experiential Psychology

Shaping an experience has everything to do with understanding human emotions and psychology.