CocaCola Diversity Launch • One World, Many Voices

John Brimelow created an event for Coca-Cola to illustrate diversity to 6000 members of their workforce. The project was situated in an open, 21-acre indoor space. Here, I created a half-circle of continents surrounding a hub–an actualization of the hill from the iconic "teach the world to sing" television commercial. Each continent featured performances by culturally accurate players, ranging from one-on-one interactions to exhibitions. Top-name recording artists from each region played the center hilltop stage. Surrounding and defining the extents of each continent, to exact a feel of place, were floor to ceiling murals of definitive geographic features and iconography. Each area was infused with a nearly subliminal atmospheric soundtrack that worked to define place and culture, metropolitan and rural. Food, games, dancers and all things intrinsic to each culture filled in the milieu. The objective was to give the audience an insight into the beauty, meaning and relevance of cultures different from and similar to their own. Audience buy-in was paramount. To gain an emotional connection with the audience, the place was set visually, the tone set aurally and olfactory and all interactions were culturally accurate from costume to skills demonstrations.  John's close collaborators, the We Are Experiential team, helped make all this possible.