Why are our clients so happy?

In the development of multimedia solutions for business marketing and communications our content delivery system often manifests as a live "experiential" event. Strategic development of these events dovetails client goals and audience demographics.
Strategic development revolves around making an emotional connection between our client and their audiences.  We create familiar, friendly environments in which audiences are open to learn.  While creating the familiar, it's also strategically important to make the familiar fresh and new, a delicate balance to strike.  We're good at pairing these needs and it's part of the magic sauce we bring.
A project moves from strategic to creative and then to concrete development, the build, installation and performance.
To create an environment in which all the members of the collaborative team can flourish and deliver their best work, we achieve incredible results when we address their hierarchy (as in Maslows') of needs. When a team is enabled to work in an environment in which they attain self actualization, performance is greatly enhanced. We support all the members of our project's collaborative teams with every piece of pertinent information. We give each member of the team a holistic view of the project and a detailed view of their contribution. This process is facilitated by providing all relevant information in detailed graphical, sequential, chronological and narrative form. We explain the assumed parameters of design and enable collaborators to pre–visualize their contribution. This is the pre-production process. From this support, facilitation and enabling of the team, we create an environment that provides an accurate view of the project and their part of the whole.
Collaborators are enabled to problem center and develop an empathetic response to delivering the best possible, thoughtful contribution. This means we very often derive even better solutions to original design parameters. Collaborators thrive in an environment in which they feel empowered, they are spontaneous and creative.
After the pre-production process we move to the installation phase of the project. Since it's a live event, we endeavor in pre-production to create a paint-by-numbers, ease of assembly installation environment. Some of the most base hierarchical needs (again, Maslow) are addressed here. Safety is a huge consideration, from mitigation of any threat from tons of trusses and motors flying overhead to megawatt electrical feeds to employment of hard hats and steel toed shoes and tidy work areas, we talk about, detail in writing and illustrate safety. In addition to what may sound like a governmental approach to safety concerns, we work early on with the client to reserve venues for time frames long enough so our work can take place over a series of ten hour days. This is a huge contribution to safety as there are no team members who are sleep deprived. Overall, the crew thinks about safety and takes great comfort in knowing the team at large, which can number in the hundreds, is similarly cognizant.
Food is also an important factor in creating an environment in which members can solve underlying needs to reach peak performances. Copious amounts of coffee, pastries, fruit and cereal are available before crew call, a good hot lunch is provided and snacks and water are always available. Just as it's said troops march on their stomachs, the same is true for a production crew. With basic needs of safety and food addressed, we work to ensure the team is centered in time and place.
Establishing a sense of familiarity and purpose is essential in facilitating and enabling the production collaborative. Giant wall charts that are color coded by department with dates, times and place are hung in common areas (near the food). Precise scale drawings show every element in plan, section and elevation and in relation to the physical environment. (how the production elements occupy the space) Employing project deployment methodology that empowers our collaborative teams to self actualize results in near perfect performances and very happy clients.