Video Storytelling

Miles O'Brien

How do meteorologists and scientists make predictions about the power and trajectory of a hurricane? Buckle up. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien joins a crew of scientists who fly right into the eye of Hurricane Florence.

Experiential Events

Coca-Cola | One World Many Voices Diversity Event

The One World, Many Voices event showcased our diverse world, entertaining and engaging six thousand employees.  Through our 144 entertainers, ranging from one-on-one experiences to world-reknowned main stage acts, we showcased a diverse and extraordinarily embracing world. 
Key KPI:  the employee post event survey found this to be "Coke's best show ever"

Video Storytelling

Susan G. Komen

This video, "I Don't Want to Know" brings to life a Komen white paper that called attention to the similarities between the under-served in rural and urban settings...and what Komen was doing to help. Watch as we seamlessly take you between Madison County Mississippi to Harlem New York, you'll be struck by the similarities found in these women's paths along the trail of the medically underserved. Komen funded access to much needed screening and other medical needs.

Video Storytelling

Janice McDonald

Janice created this piece to illustrate the fact that 70% of all credit and debit card transactions are routed through Atlanta GA daily. Presenting the FinTech Industry tells the story of an unheralded industry that helps keep America's economic engine running.  

Strategic Engagement


We positioned ChoicePoint's CEO as the forensic data aggregation industry's thought leader–through ghost-written books, companion videos, media training and media placement. We created an 11-part video series showcasing ChoicePoint operating companies. The video below is the companion piece to "Survival Guide in the Information Age", a ghost-written book created as part of our CEO thought leadership strategy.
Survival Guide Book