Jeffrey Janyne

Client Advocate | Technical Director


Jeff is a leader who works in the intersection of Creative Technology and Brand Innovation to uncover strategic opportunity.

Jeff’s foundation in broadcast production unite with a working knowledge of immersive technology to change 3- dimensional space. Creative Directors who strive to eclipse the ordinary seek Jeff to tell stories in engaging ways on the stage and in the real world.

Marketing Communications and Event Marketing companies turn to Jeff to help launch new products, celebrate corporate anniversaries and celebrate brand messages in public stadiums. Jeff utilizes his role as a consulting Creative Technologist to establish new endeavors, generate revenue and grow business.

Jeff established a Russian design and production firm in the US marketplace. Sharing their Animation, Holographic projection, Image mapping, Kinetic projection and Motion Tracking with top agencies in the corporate event space earning new opportunities from Salesforce, IBM and Samsung. Prior to this effort Jeff helped Toyota launch a new facility with a five - stage concert for employees. During the same period Jeff administered the design and installation of the SunTrust On Up Brand Experience at the Atlanta Braves new stadium.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Journalism and Communications and has recently completed professional training from Cornell in Marketing Strategy.

Brand messaging and products change to match our culture’s character.Jeff’s driving interest has been to collaborate with Creative Designers to tell stories in ever changing and innovative ways. He has created business by marrying dramatic design initiatives with large scale innovative events.

Allow your concepts to challenge the past and your brand will benefit from new memorable ways of engaging an audience. You will be rewarded with more business if you collaborate with Jeff to harness strategic opportunities by presenting clever stories and creative technology.